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Welcome to Tai Chi Health!


Thank you for exploring these programs. They are proving to be models for the therapeutic and fitness regimens of the future.  Exercise for mind, body and spirit, is energizing--and can work wonders! My mission is to help make tai chi and qigong

accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability or physical condition. Whether you are new to mind/body exercise, a health care professional, or an experienced tai chi practitioner, you will find resources here designed specially for you.

Based on over three decades of study with masters, teaching, and daily practice, my programs make the benefits of these energetic practices available to anyone.  If you are seeking effecive training in authentic lineage tai chi, want to explore qigong and mind body skills development,  or have pain and physicial limitation, these programs will enhance both your physical, mental and emotional well being and function.  

As a pioneer in integrating tai chi into therapeutic exercise and pain management, I have collaborated with health care professionals to create innovative programs and materials that are designed to enhance our collective well being.

All of my programs and materials are grounded inongoing study and daily practice in Yang Style Cheng Man Ch'ing lineage tai chi, and over three decades of experience teaching tai chi to thousands of students and professionals.  My Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program and ROM Dance® Program Materials for professionals integrate contemplative mind/body elements with analysis and applications for therapy and function. The professional training and instructional materials provide high quality presentation tools for peer education They are wonderfully effective for incorporating a holistic approach to exercise into your practice..

I especially encourage tai chi instructors, and health and fitness professionals to check out our instructional materials and professional training courses


See also Certification Information  and Certified Instructors in your area.. May Tai Chi Health help you and those whose lives you touch become, “Strong as oak, flexible as a willow and clear as still water,” May you enjoy these benefits for many years to come.

Sincerely,  Tricia Yu

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Reviews by Health Care Professionals

“—A remarkable gift to the world of rehabilitation. It makes a strong connection between the exercise form and its applicability in the clinical environment. Many accolades for your brilliant and inspired work.”
—Jennifer Bottomley, PT, PhD, MS,the Gerontologist and APTA’s Gerinotes

This program is of value for people who wish to learn about tai chi and engage in one rendition of the practice.” —Stephen Wolfe, PhD, PT, FAPTA,Physical Therapy Journal

"...Clear, well described, easily reproduced movement patterns can provide a needed template from which researchers can maximize consistency of exercise technique when studying the effectiveness of Tai Chi." Rita Wong EdD, PT Chairperson, Physical Therapy Department, Marymount University

". The analysis of movement patterns from a physical therapy perspective is very helpful.... .beautiful.. evokes the peaceful spirit and focused concentration of Tai Chi practice." —Jane Mahoney, MD University of Wisconsin Department of Medicine

" ... The flow between Eastern Tai Chi and Western analysis is beautifully accomplished.... provides a clear explanation of each movement both in the poetic Chinese tradition and the medical basis in movement retraining.....Will help any health care practitioner place their Cartesian training of the body in the context of the whole person..." —Elaine Cress PhD, Associate Professor Gerontology Center, University of Georgia


Classes and Seminars 2012-2013

Weekly Classes in Taos, New Mexico


Tai Chi Fundamentals® Professional 2-day CEU Courses Levels 1, 2 & 3

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Movement Intensive  CEU Courses

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Certified Instructor Advanced Intensive CEU Courses

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Movement Intensive/ Energy Cultivation Instructor Training CEU Courses

Cheng Man Ch'ing Lineage Yang Style Tai Chi Form Intensives

Conference, Facility and University Presentations

April 26.2014

Iowa Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference, Ames, IA
Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Professional Training Seminar: LEVEL 1
Presenters: Lori Enloe, PT, MA, CTI; Kristi Hallisy PT, DSc, OCS, CMPT, CTI

Feebruary 2, 2014
American Physical Therapy Assostiation Combined Sections Meeting  PRE-CONFERENCE – Las Vegas NV
Tai Chi Fundamentals® Level One and Applications for Therapeutic Exercise, Wellness and Function. Instructor: Kristine Hallisy PT, DSc, OCS, CMPT, CTI 

June 22-23, 2013
Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy
Tai Chi Fundamentals: Professional Training Seminar, 2-day professional training: Tai Chi Fundamentals® Levels One and Two- Applications for Therapeutic Exercise, Wellness and Function. Instructor: Kristine Hallisy PT, DSc, OCS, CMPT, CTI 

 Monday January 21, 2013  San Diego

American Physical therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting 2011
Preconference Course: Geriatrics Session
Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Professional Training Seminar Levels One:
Applications for Therapeutic Exercise, Wellness and Function. Instructor: Kristine Hallisy PT, DSc, OCS, CMPT, CTI   scroll down to course listing Monday Jan 21

April 26-29, 2012 Indianopolis

American Occuptional Therapy  Asociation's 2012 Annual Conference and Expo

presentation title: Tai Chi Fundamentals® Scientific Evidence for Innovtive Use of Tai Chi in Rehabilitation, Recovery and Wellness


February 8-9, 2011 New Orleans

American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Professional Training Levels 1 &2: Applications for Therapeutic Exercise, Wellness and Function

March 23, 2011, Hampton, Virginia

Armed Forces Public Health Conference

Presentation:Tai Chi Mind/Body Fitness:Training for Resilency & Rehabilitation


Phoenix, August 2010

Albuquerque, August 2009

US Army Preparation and Protection Annual Force Health Protection Conference

Workshop:Tai Chi: Basic Mind/Body Skills for Readiness & Rehabilitation 

 Presentation:Tai Chi Mind/Body Fitness:Training for Resilency & Rehabilitation

Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Reviews by Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Qigong and Health and Sports Professionals:

" Tai Chi Fundamentals® is the simplest and easiest to learn. It is a unique exercise for all ages and physical conditions. The form lubricates all the joints, eases the mind, relaxes the body and enhances balance. It is a perfect form of movement ..with no side effects. It is good for people with physical limitations and discomfort." —William C.C. Chen, Grand Master, T'ai Chi Ch'uan

" A remarkable gift to the world of rehabilitation…makes a very strong connection between the exercise form and its applicability in the clinical environment…brilliant and inspired work.”
—Jennifer Bottomley PT, PhD, Past President, Geriatric Section, APTA

“Provides a simple, systematic approach which maintains the integrity of the traditional Yang style form.”— American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal

“I recommend this beautifully illustrated book to the novice who seeks a door to enter the practice of taiji. The seasoned practitioner may find the book deceptively simple; however upon closer review, Ms. Yu provides an important study of the basic movements of taiji and teaching methods that will enhance an advanced student’s or teacher’s appreciation of the form.” —Noah Nunberg, review in Journal of Asian Martial Arts

“Health care providers have long needed a concise but easy-to-follow guide to Tai Chi, both for their own well-being and for patient education. Yu and Johnson's Tai Chi Fundamentals does the trick. It will be of value to anyone who practices or is ready to fall in love with this wonderful art.”
—Kenneth S. Cohen, M.A. author, The Way of Qigong and Healthy Breathing

Research on Tai Chi's Health Benefits

Systematic reviews, including numerous randomized trials, suggest that Tai Chi practice can positively impact static and dynamic balance, musculoskeletal strength and flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory function, foster emotional health improve sleep and immune response, reduce risk of falls, and help maintain bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.


Pub Med NIH National Institute of Health.  Fiind current research. Go to Search, type in Tai Chi and_____ any condition. (example:  heart disease, fibromyalgia, balance etc) 

NCCAM  National Center for Complementery and Alternative Medicine
Harvard Medical Shcool

Mayo Clinic

New York Times  9/27/10

New England Journal of Medicine 8/19/10