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ROM Dance in Sunlight (VHS)
ROM Dance in Sunlight (VHS) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: V10
Price: $25.00
ROM Dance in Sunlight (VHS)
By Tricia Yu and Jill Johnson
45 Minutes ©1993 (V10)
Also available in DVD format under the title: ROM Dance in Sunlight and Seated (D30)

For more information about the ROM Dance Program - click here

This instructional video teaches the original version of the ROM Dance using images of sunlight, warm water and friendship. It includes both standing and seated movements. This video is designed for both professional and individual home use and is ideal for learning the ROM Dance and for leading group practice. It includes:

  • A demonstration of the ROM Dance in Sunlight (with music and verse)
  • Step-by-step instructions for all the ROM Dance in Sunlight movements
  • Guidelines for practice
Some excerpts from the ROM Dance verse are as follows:
"I am sitting — at a quiet beach — I scoop the warm water over my head covering me with a warm waterfall — I gather the sun's warmth over my shoulders and it feels good — someone comes to my beach who will be my friend — we know that somehow in some way — we will be together."

Did You Know: The ROM Dance Program has been reviewed in over 70 professional journals and popular publications including Prevention Magazine, Arthritis Today, Health Magazine, American Journal of Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Journal of Research, Advance for PhysicalTherapists, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation,and Massage and Bodywork. It was included as a protocal for the Canadian Chronic Pain Self Management Program and as a therapeutic intervention in the Occupational Therapy Well Elderly Lifestyle Redesign Study at the University of Southern California.

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