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Tai Chi Mind and Body (Book)
Tai Chi Mind and Body (Book) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: T30
Price: $25.00
Tai Chi Mind and Body
By Tricia Yu - Published by DK Publishing, London
160 pages illustrated © 2003
ISBN 0789493608

This clear, beautifully presented book provides an introduction to tai chi, its mind body principles and guidelines for practice. Developed as an illustrated reference book, it includes over 350 color photographs, featuring step-by step instructions in Tricia Yu 's Tai Chi Fundamentals Program.

It is useful to beginners as well as advanced practitioners and tai chi instructors and those who simply wish to learn more about tai chi. It familiarizes you with essential elements of tai chi: breathing in a relaxed, natural manner; sensing qi (life energy), or becoming more alive to each moment; and warming up slowly and gently in order to prepare you, both physically and mentally, for your tai chi practice. Tai Chi Mind and Body is an ideal companion to the Tai Chi Fundamentals video and DVD.

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Reviews and Excerpts from Articles

"I would like to recommend "Tai Chi Mind and Body", Tricia Yu 's new book. It is beautifully organized and illustrated. I've done t'ai chi for 19 years and have perused many of the books and watched many of the videos on the market. This is the first book that I think one could use and really teach oneself the form."
-Eva Wright Advanced Certified T’ai Chi Fundamentals Instructor, Madison , WI

“This well organized program offers a thorough introduction to an increasingly popular ancient practice.”

“I recommend this beautifully illustrated book to the novice who seeks a door to enter the practice of taiji. The seasoned practitioner may find the book deceptively simple; however upon closer review, Ms. Yu provides an important study of the basic movements of taiji and teaching methods that will enhance an advanced student’s or teacher’s appreciation of the form”
—Noah Nunberg, review in Journal of Asian Martial Arts

“Many people are curious about tai chi but intimidated by its complex moves and obscure jargon. Tricia Yu’s Fundamentals Program makes tai chi accessible to everyone—“
—Book of the Club selection

“Tai Chi is an effective low-impact workout for people of all ages, weights and fitness levels: it tones legs, hips and core muscles, and improves coordination. ---try these energizing moves excerpted from Tai Chi Mind and Body”
—Weight Watchers Magazine

“Prescription( for reducing chronic pain): Try these three tai chi basic moves every day Crane Takes Flight, Bear Roots on One Leg and Flying Crane” ( from Tai Chi Mind and Body)
—Fitness Magazine

“Tricia Yu’s form is the simplest and easiest to learn. It is a unique exercise suitable for all ages …”
—William C.C. Chen, Grand Master, Tai Chi Chuan

“—can be used by physical therapists and other health care professionals as a tool in their work with clients. At the same time---if one studies Tricia Yu's "fundamentals" form,---the feeling of classical taiji will be experienced.”
—Don Arenz, review in Taijiquan Journal

“This is a work that gets to the root of tai chi. It will be of value to anyone who practices or is ready to fall in love with this wonderful art.”
—Kenneth S. Cohen, MA, qigong master and author of The Way of Qigong

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